Incorporation Service Berlin
Büroservice Berlin Standort

Dorotheenstadt Immobilien GmbH offers a one-stop service for company formation in Berlin in connection with the provision of a business address in our premises.

Through our cooperation partner transconomy GmbH, we offer company founders a start-up service that includes the coordination of the entire process of company formation, especially in the case of founding a GmbH, Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) or Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts. Coordination and mediation in the start-up process includes the following services:

  • Telephone support by foundation experts until the conclusion of the procedure
  • Name examination IHK / HWK (preparation and coordination)
  • Notary appointment: coordination of the appointment and power of representation if founder is not present
  • Business registration: timely preparation
  • Tax office questionnaire: timely preparation
  • Support with opening a company account

Also included are all further necessary coordination and mediation measures in the foundation process:

  • Tax advice / bookkeeping / accounting by tax advisors and auditors
  • the structure of the articles of association (GmbH, UG or GbR) and Managing director service agreements by specialised lawyers
  • Advice on aliens law in connection with the foundation by specialised lawyers
  • Trademark law advice from specialised lawyers
  • General legal advice by lawyers

Our start-up service is a true one-stop service. We offer, especially for national and foreign founders, the possibility to conduct all appointments (including notary and lawyer appointments) on one day at our premises at Friedrichstraße 95 in the International Trade Centre (IHZ) in Berlin.

We offer the start-up service in connection with the provision of a business address at the following flat rates and conditions:

Minimum contract period 12 months:

1st to 6th month:              450,00 € (net) payable in advance

 from the 7th month:         75,00 € (net) / mth.

Further offers for external legal project management, especially for medium-sized companies, can be found on the website of our cooperation partner transconomy GmbH.